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Stronger than my struggles

Kim’s Story


Kim's Story: Resilience

Kim does not let her IgAN diagnosis define her. Although she has had some challenging lab days, she knows shifting your perspective can make a difference. Watch her video to learn more.

Kim's Story: Support

Watch as Kim talks about how a strong support system can make a difference in navigating life with IgAN. Having a support team that can help her manage the burdens of her condition can make a difference.

Kim's Story: Perseverance

Kim encourages those living with IgAN to focus on what brings them joy. She talks about the reality of hard days, but above all, she shares how to push through.

Catherine’s Story


Catherine's Story: Resilience

When feelings of uncertainty arise, Catherine chooses to focus on the things she enjoys. See how Catherine faces the various unknowns of her condition in simple and practical ways.

Catherine's Story: Support

Feelings of isolation are real with an IgAN diagnosis. Catherine talks about her feelings and how she found support through conferences, support groups, and communities on social media.

Catherine's Story: Perseverance

Catherine talks about how she is dealing with IgAN and the overall importance of pushing forward with perseverance—to not give up.

Robin’s Story


Robin's Story: Resilience

Hear Robin share the range of emotions she experienced after receiving her initial IgAN diagnosis and how she uses different coping mechanisms to stay resilient.

Robin's Story: Support

Listen to Robin describe the uncertainty that comes with being diagnosed with IgAN. She shares how she processed her diagnosis and the importance of having a strong support system while navigating her condition.

Robin's Story: Perseverance

Robin knows that living with IgAN can come with uncertainty and challenges. Hear her shed light on the importance of staying hopeful while living with her condition.
These patients received compensation from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation for their time.

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