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Does your doctor know? Life with rare kidney disease can look like this...
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Patient portrayal.

You Don’t Have to Face the Storm Alone

We are here to help. Get an in-depth look at IgAN and C3G, from what causes them to how they are managed.

Get Some of the Facts About Kidney Disease

Building your knowledge can help you and your healthcare team work together. The following information may help.

Autoimmune Disease


Healthy immune system

When functioning normally, your immune system protects you against infection and disease.

Autoimmune disease

An autoimmune disease causes your immune system to mistakenly attack and damage your body instead.

Autoimmune Kidney Disease


Unhealthy kidney

Autoimmune kidney diseases are especially rare.


When you have an autoimmune kidney disease, your immune system attacks and damages your kidneys.


When this happens, your kidneys struggle to remove waste and toxins from your body.

To learn how this process occurs in IgAN and C3G, 
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