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Resources for IgAN

Check below for easy-to-access resources that can help you better manage your condition.

Understanding IgAN

IgAN patient glossary

Patient Glossary

This easy-to-read glossary provides an overview of IgAN and how to help manage it.

Working with your doctor

A week-by-week tracker of symptoms

IgAN Symptoms & Struggles Tracker

Track your symptoms and struggles for your next doctor's appointment.
Productive appointments for IgAN

Productive Appointments Guide

Want to make the most of your doctor appointments? These FAQs and talking points are a great way to optimize your time with your HCP.


Everyday lifestyle tips for IgAN

Everyday Lifestyle Tips for IgAN

Some tips and tricks that may help make your day-to-day life with IgAN a little easier.
Explaining IgAN to family and friends conversation guide

Family & Friends Conversation Guide

Explaining a rare disease can be tricky. This guide provides effective strategies for explaining IgAN to family and friends.
Tips for managing your disease in the workplace

Health Needs in the Workplace

Managing a career with rare kidney disease can be a challenge. Our guide can help.

Emotional and mental well-being

Living Well With IgAN

Living Well With IgAN

Living with IgAN can be challenging. Here are some helpful resources and tips.
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IgAN, immunoglobulin A nephropathy.