Can patients with high creatinine have high protein diet?

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Can patients with high creatinine have high protein diet?

2017-07-14 16:33

Can patients with high creatinine have high protein diet?If you check the high creatinine, you should go to a regular hospital for the correct diagnosis, not only for drug treatment, but also in the diet should pay more attention, so can patient with high creatinine level have high protein diet?
What are the causes of high creatinine? Life of overwork, excessive physical exertion, excessive sexual intercourse, the consumption of energy, also can cause increased creatinine; long-term high blood pressure in patients with hypertension, persistent, severe proteinuria, the illness did not get timely control, will be accompanied by the phenomenon of high prevalence of creatinine in the process; the body sweating, drinking water decreased, urine volume will increase blood concentration, blood concentration, may lead to increased creatinine; medication more harm to the body, especially in patients with nephropathy medication more harm to the kidneys, the body will lead to high creatinine in patients with nephropathy; especially in patients with renal insufficiency, kidney disease, glomerular filtration of blood seriously damaged serum creatinine declined seriously, will cause the body of blood creatinine cannot be excreted through urine, causing high creatinine. At present, this is the main cause of high creatinine, and timely treatment must be carried out.
Therefore, patients with high creatinine according to their own reasons for the formulation of their own dietary principles. Let's talk about the dietary principles of high creatinine patients
Limiting protein supply: because of the presence of nitrogen and kidney failure in the patient, in order to control the deterioration of renal function, the intake of protein should be controlled, and a high quality, high protein diet should be selected.
Vitamin intake: high creatinine patients with renal dysfunction should have foods that rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C . Salt restriction should be strictly limited if severe swelling, hypertension, or heart failure are present.
The salt restriction, usually due to moderate pathological lesions, depends on whether the patient has high blood pressure or edema and is determining a low salt or salt free diet.
These are the contents of our introduction about high creatinine and high protein diet, for your reference only. If you have any questions about diet with high creatinine, you can leave a message below and we'll reply to you as soon as possible.

Can patients with high creatinine have high protein diet?
Can patients with high creatinine have high protein diet?

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