What does high serum creatinine mean?

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What does high serum creatinine mean?

2017-07-13 16:58

High serum creatinine, as the name suggests, serum creatinine is high, so what does serum creatinine mean? The exact name of serum creatinine is serum creatinine. Serum creatinine is generally considered to be endogenous creatinine, and endogenous creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in humans. In muscle, creatine slowly forms creatinine through irreversible non enzymatic dehydration, which is then released into the bloodstream and excreted with urine. Therefore, serum creatinine is closely related to total body muscle and is not susceptible to dietary changes. Creatinine is a small molecule, can be filtered through the glomerulus, rarely absorbed in the renal tubule, the daily production of creatinine, almost all excreted with urine, generally not affected by urine volume. Clinical examination of serum creatinine is one of the most common methods for understanding renal function. Is an important indicator of renal function. Elevated serum creatinine means impairment of renal function.
But normal serum creatinine values of all hospital standards are not the same, generally normal serum creatinine value standard: 44-133umol/L, when serum creatinine more than 133umol/L means kidney damage, have renal insufficiency, renal failure. (above 133umol/L is the inflammatory damage phase, 186umol/L is the renal damage stage, 451umol/L is the renal failure stage, and the blood creatinine value exceeds 707umol/L, indicating that it has reached the advanced stage (end-stage of renal failure).
How does serum creatinine increase? The glomerular filtration rate is mainly determined, the filtration capacity has declined, and the creatinine concentration has increased. However, if serum creatinine starts to rise, it shows that the kidneys have begun to damage, but only the extent of the damage.
Therefore, we should pay more attention to changes in serum creatinine in physical examination, early detection, early treatment, treatment in the early stage, the cure rate is greater. These are the contents of the high serum creatinine we have introduced. If you have any questions about the high serum creatinine, you can leave a message below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

What does high serum creatinine mean?
What does high serum creatinine mean? 

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