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Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs?

2017-07-11 18:09

Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs? Egg is rich in various protein, egg contains 11.6 grams of fat per 100g, mostly concentrated in the egg yolk, most are unsaturated fatty acid, it’s easy to be absorbed by body. The protein has function of defense against virus and repair body. Second, the protein can also regulate the body's normal physiological functions, such as maintain normal food digestion and normal human action of body. Finally, the transport function, the protein involved in the transport of nutrients in the blood. Although the kidney disease patients have a certain degree of damage on kidneys, need to control protein intake, but the protein intake is not completely controlled, plant protein is to be avoided. But eggs, milk, lean meat and other high-quality low-protein foods can not be prohibited.
Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs? Creatinine is one of the laboratory measures of whether the body's renal function is normal, but in general the kidney compensatory ability in the kidney is not damaged to a certain extent, the patients often have no symptoms, when the glomerular filtration rate drop to more than 50% of normal, creatinine will rise, the main reason for increased creatinine is kidney damage. In order to avoid increasing burden on the kidneys, high levels of serum creatinine diet need to control the intake of salt and protein, have a low salt and high quality protein diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C. Egg white can be eaten, but the egg yolk must be controlled.
Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs? The egg is very rich in phosphorus, but it’s relatively lack of calciumIs, the vitamin A, B2, B6, D, E and biotin content in the egg is also very rich, especially in egg yolk, vitamin A, D and E and fat dissolved easily absorbed by the body. Patients with high creatinine are fasting for yolk.
Diet is only one hand of rehabilitation of the disease, we need to improve the treatment program, treat it with fundamental treatment, can not simply rely on drug maintenance, must take systemic treatment at formal hospital as soon as possible.

Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs?
Can patients with high serum creatinine level eat eggs?

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