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How to reduce creatinine level through diet

2017-12-07 16:54

When the serum creatinine increased, it shows that the kidneys have been severely damaged at this time, and long-term elevated serum creatinine continued, but also in addition to the kidneys, the other organs will be damaged. At this time, if the diet is not appropriate, will lead to high serum creatinine in patients with acid-base balance disorders, high levels of treatment to patients with high levels of creatine caused great trouble. Purely with the drug treatment of creatinine effect is not very good, many people will eat some can effectively reduce the creatinine food. Next, let's talk about how to reduce creatinine level through diet

In general, blood creatinine diet should have low sodium, low phosphorus, low potassium, low fat, high quality low protein, high vitamin food, try to avoid high potassium food and high water food. Of course, in order to fundamentally reduce serum creatinine, patients should choose an effective treatment .

Control salt intake, low salt or saltless diet. Should control the intake of protein, the choice of high-quality high-quality protein diet. Selection of foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Control blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and with traditional Chinese medicine treatment to delay the progress of renal failure.

Eat less meat, eat less animal offal, do not eat spicy stimulating and cold food, do not eat carambola and mango, pay attention to work and rest, appropriate to do aerobic exercise, regular review. Patients should eat in the usual diet should be light, not eat the smoke, wine, spicy food, eat less greasy and animal protein and more fishy food (such as meat, bacon, etc.), should also eat less pickled foods (Such as pickles).

The above is about "How to reduce creatinine level through diet" , hoping to help. In fact, any condition requires a diet  assist treatment. If conditions permit, you can go to consult a professional doctor on their own condition of the diet.

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