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What vegetables should be avoided in patients with high crea

2017-11-04 17:40

High creatinine is a very dangerous signal for patients with kidney disease. Because creatinine is a major indicator of renal function, the higher the creatinine value, the greater the decline in renal function. Diet, however, has a great effect on creatinine values. To control the continued rise in high creatinine, patients with high creatinine nephropathy should make some changes in diet. So, what vegetables should be avoided in patients with high creatinine?

As we all know, vegetables are essential foods for our health and are the main source of essential vitamins and vitamins in the body. But for patients with high creatinine, they have strict dietary requirements. Next, please see what vegetables should be avoided in patients with high creatinine

1. vegetables rich in potassium.

Disorders of potassium metabolism in the body can cause many health problems, such as hyperkalemia, which can cause sudden death in severe cases. Therefore, for patients with high creatinine nephropathy, we must strictly limit potassium intake. Vegetables rich in potassium are kelp, seaweed, spinach, rape, leek, tomatoes, letinous edodes, mushrooms and so on. Therefore, patients with high creatinine must strictly prohibit eating these vegetables in daily life.

2. legumes.

Patients with high creatinine should avoid soy and soy foods because they may cause health problems. For example, soy is rich in plant proteins, but it does not provide the necessary amino acids for the patient. In addition, eating soy can also increase kidney burden and worsen kidney damage. What's more, legumes are also rich in purines and potassium, which can also add to gout and arrhythmias.

3. mushrooms.

Mushrooms are also a very dangerous food for people with high levels of creatinine, because they contain large amounts of phosphorus and purines. Excessive intake can lead to hyperphosphatemia and high purine levels. Hyperphosphatemia can cause many health problems, such as pruritus and renal osteodystrophy. High purine can also cause high uric acid, causing or aggravating gout.

There are many vegetables that should be avoided in patients with high creatinine. In short, they are low phosphorus, low potassium, low purine, low quality protein, and high vitamin. In addition to dietary requirements, patients with high creatinine nephropathy should be treated in a timely manner, the sooner the treatment, the greater the chance of cure. If you have any further questions, please contact our online expert and our experts will reply to you or leave a message below.

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