What's the difference between urea and low creatinine?

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What's the difference between urea and low creatinine?

2017-08-22 16:22

1, poor renal function leads to lower levels of urea and creatinine

What is the reason for the low creatinine urea creatinine? Is the common indexes of renal function, but also the health examination items will be seized. Many to accept the prosecution staff, detected their serum creatinine values in the normal range, they think their renal function is completely no problem. This is a misunderstanding of creatinine in familiar. The serum creatinine values can not timely response, accurate renal function status. When the majority of human kidneys suffered injury, decreased glomerular filtration rate when a larger proportion (more than 50%), the serum creatinine increased that may appear in the clinic.

2, pre renal factors may cause low levels of urea and creatinine

Such as urea nitrogen and creatinine values increased, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine ratio is low, this is the reason is that low creatinine renal parenchymal damage. The ratio of urea nitrogen creatinine, the normal value of 20.00-100.00, its meaning is found when the urea nitrogen or creatinine rises, as is the difference of kidney or prerenal (extrarenal). If the reason of urea nitrogen creatinine ratio is less than 20, the higher the probability of kidney disease, if urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio greater than 20 is caused by the kidney before the higher the probability of. There are many reasons for the low creatinine, urea nitrogen values easily affected by many other factors, not so simple reaction is low in the renal function, serum creatinine clear what is going on, we also know, in the absence of creatinine numerical muscle disease, is relatively simple, and the renal function with step so when lifting. The kidney itself lesions, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine increased, so the urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio is about will fall in a certain range (less than 20). If the factors of renal urea nitrogen before, often will rise more, so the urea / creatinine values will be greater (more than 20).

3, there are many reasons for low urea and creatinine

In general, because the muscles of the human body is relatively stable, so the quantity of creatinine is constant, the level of serum creatinine level mainly depends on the renal excretion of creatinine. Renal compensatory function is very powerful, if the two kidneys are normal, as long as a kidney function, serum creatinine can be maintained in normal level. That is to say, the degree of renal damage accounted for more than half of the whole kidney, will cause the increase of serum creatinine. There are many reasons for the low creatinine, and anemia, muscular dystrophy, muscle atrophy, leukemia, diabetes insipidus and other related diseases.


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