Can high creatinine cause symptoms of back pain?

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Can high creatinine cause symptoms of back pain?

2017-08-11 19:51

Can high creatinine cause symptoms of back pain? If there is kidney disease, creatinine may be abnormal. High creatinine will appear a variety of symptoms, which will have back pain? Most of the back pain is due to muscle strain contracture, trauma or compression caused by deformation of the spine, there are very few people are caused by systemic diseases. The following look at the high creatinine will not appear symptoms of back pain.
Now young people working long time, less time activities, if the improper sitting, the desk is too high, arm raised for a long time, it is easy to cause soreness and swelling in the shoulder, neck and upper back.
Ankylosing spondylitis patients, mostly joint disease, and the vast majority of the first violation of the sacroiliac joint, after the uplink to the development of cervical. A small number of patients first by the cervical spine or several spinal segments at the same time violations, resulting in the spine can not bend and pain. Early lesions at the joint with inflammatory pain, accompanied by muscle spasms around the joint, there is a sense of stiffness, morning obvious. The disease is more prevalent in men than in women, and tends to be familial.
Sudden movement of the back too much, will lead to muscle strain caused by local swelling and pain. If it is subject to external impact, hurt the bones, and even affect the back bending and walking, this time should be timely medical treatment.
When the person is nervous, the muscles of the whole body become stiff, and over time it is easy to cause pain in the shoulders, neck and back. You can calm your emotions by listening to music or exercise.
Back on the back of things too heavy, will oppress the spine, affecting blood circulation. Time long back and neck and neck will feel sore. Generally recommended that the weight of the backpack can not exceed 10% of body weight, if you can best not backpack.
Recent studies have shown that people with back pain are more likely to have a problem with vertebral vascular embolism. Blood flow will make the spine input nutrition output waste, or very prone to inflammation, leading to back pain. Recommended to avoid excessive intake of caffeine and processed foods, eat whole grains, nuts, chicken, lean meat, fruits and vegetables.
Above is the cause of back pain, if the exclusion of the above reasons, it may be caused by high creatinine, the patient will go to the hospital in time to accurately detect, so as not to affect the treatment. If there is a problem with high creatinine, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Can high creatinine cause symptoms of back pain?
Can high creatinine cause symptoms of back pain?

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