What are the fasting in patients with high creatinine?

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What are the fasting in patients with high creatinine?

2017-07-20 11:07

Creatinine is one of the indicators for detecting renal function. High creatinine causes toxins to accumulate in the body, resulting in high blood pressure and high swelling. For high creatinine patients, diet is also very demanding. What about fasting in patients with high creatinine?
Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism in the body, mainly through the glomerular filtration function excreted. The body is due to elevated creatinine in renal infringed by various causes, the phenotypic transformation of renal cells damaged, resulting in pathological changes in kidney, stimulation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, due to kidney damage caused by continuous, its excretion function decreased, it. Blood creatinine and urea nitrogen increased, urine creatinine decreased, double renal filtration rate decreased, and so on. For patients with high creatinine, the diet should pay more attention to renal fibrosis and renal excretion function. The requirements for a common diet are also limited.
Fasting in patients with high creatinine:
The amount of salt restriction: General renal insufficiency decompensation, patients with azotemia although high serum creatinine, and the beginning of the clinical symptoms of mild, but because there is no visible pathological injury, hypertension and edema, control of salt intake were given low salt or salt free diet.
Protein supply: because of the presence of hypoxemia and renal insufficiency in this patient, control of protein intake should be controlled to select a high quality, high protein diet to control the deterioration of renal function.
Vitamin intake: renal failure, high creatinine, patients should be rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C food.
If kidney failure is only r creatinine high, but no oliguria, no edema, patients can not help salt and water, maintain a low salt diet. Salt restriction should be strictly restricted if severe edema, hypertension and even heart failure are present.

What are the fasting in patients with high creatinine?
What are the fasting in patients with high creatinine?

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