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The reason for the high proportion of the hyperhydride

2017-09-07 16:02

Creatinine is human body muscle, metabolic produces a toxin, normal renal function, creatinine via renal excretion, and when the kidney function decline, unable to completely discharge the creatinine in the body, creatinine value will rise. If kidney patients engaged in heavy manual labor, overwork, increase muscle activity, speed up the formation of creatinine, thus increasing the content of creatinine in the body, form the further damage to the kidney, so kidney disease patients to ban violent sports and hard physical labor.

(1) dietary factors, kidney patients meat eating too much can lead to increased levels of creatinine in the body, so kidney disease patients typically bland diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the intake of meat.

(2) poor control of hypertensive symptoms also leads to increased creatinine.

(3) urination abnormality, when the patient develops the symptom of polyuresis and sweat, can lead to increase in blood pressure, the content of the body of the body is increased.

(4) the increase in creatinine caused by drugs.

How much does creatinine reach uremia?

Normal creatinine standard is: 44-133umol/L, when blood creatinine exceeds 133umol/L, it means kidney damage, kidney failure and kidney failure.

The factors that exceed the normal value of creatinine: most mean kidney damage, and creatinine can be more accurate in responding to the damage of renal parenchyma, not a sensitive indicator. Because the glomerular filtration rate dropped to a third of the normal population, the creatinine increased significantly. It means that, because human kidney metabolism ability is strong, the average person when kidney damage is lighter unwell feeling is not obvious, so a lot of people when really have nausea, vomiting, dizziness, actually has been badly damaged kidneys, creatinine also began to rise significantly.

It is not sensitive to the actual damage of the renal parenchyma. Because the glomerular filtration rate dropped to a third of the normal population, the creatinine increased significantly. That is to say, because of the kidney's ability to metabolize the kidney, when kidney damage is lighter, the general person does not feel obvious; It is important to proactively evaluate the normal value of creatinine.

Creatinine than 707 umol/L for uremia, creatinine savings at this time in the body cause great harm to human body, often appear the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and at night can't lie on your back, at this time the most wise choice in a timely manner appropriate to take dialysis, body endotoxin eduction body outside, then select the appropriate kidney treatment in a timely manner, repair the damaged kidney function, eventually delay dialysis.



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