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2017-09-15 09:19

Liu Shuqin is the director of the Advisory Center, deputy director of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital. In a 40-year clinical study, she studied nephrotic syndrome (NS), lupus nephritis (LN), diabetic nephropathy (DN), and renal failure.

In the long-term clinical study, she summed up a series of unique treatment methods, access to national technological progress third prize. At the same time, the method has applied for a personal patent.

As a female kidney disease expert, she is known for patience and kindness. Many patients like to talk to her about their troubles, trivia and so on. She is not only a technically good doctor, but also a friend of the patient.

She treats the patient as her family, strict diagnosis and more careful care. Last year, a patient sent her a banner "Miaoli Lake Spring". She said: "The patient trust the doctor is normal, I should not take the banner, because it is my job, is my duty.


If you have other kidney problems that can be viewed on other web pages, you can also consult online, or in your email,, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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