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Shi Wei

2017-09-15 09:24

Shi Wei, Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

Has served as the three ward in charge of the doctor, due to outstanding performance as the five ward director, now engaged in Department of Nephrology has reached 10 years, has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, for four consecutive years by the hospital as "excellent staff" Its superb medical and treatment of patients such as the attitude of their loved ones to win the trust of patients and their families, and constantly have patients come to him to see a doctor, known as kidney disease patients "intimate friends."

October 26, 2013, Shi Wei opened "kidney doctor Shi Wei" microblogging, officially began with the majority of patients online interaction.

There is no earth-shattering deeds, no dazzling aura, his daily work is the most unusual to save lives, but he believes that the simple things to do is not very simple, "Beijing kidney disease doctor Shi Wei is in their own spirit of young Doctor said he affectionately called "stone doctor", he often said that doctors should not stay in the office, should be in the ward, the patient's bedside.

1 change magic

8 pm, Shiwei Dean as usual, went to the corridor in the ward, hear the voice of the child crying, singing through, open the door, see a small bed, is a 4-year-old small patient " Wide "crying. Why is it wide? His mother said he was full of curiosity, because we saw on the TV to celebrate the National Day to eat dumplings, he would eat, my mother told him no dumplings, how to coax him do not listen. "Wide wide, uncle to change your magic, you want to eat dumplings? Your uncle to you change, okay? Shi Wei squatting at the bedside patiently coax him, wide stop crying, Shi Wei quickly told him to Want to listen to my mother to lie down to rest, or do not give you change. Shi Wei out of the ward to call the lover, let the lover dumplings, but also specifically told "dumplings elements stuffing, use vegetable oil", then He quickly went home at 9:30 pm, Shi Wei with steaming dumplings to the wide wards, saw him honestly lying in bed, his mouth muttering tricks, look at the hands of dumplings Shi Wei, wide face immediately laughed , Happy to jump up in bed and mother said: "Shi Shushu really amazing! "Shi Wei did not forget to tell the broad mother can only let the children eat two, and then turned to the Canton said:" listen to the mother's words, only obedient children can eat dumplings! "Small patient nodded his head and agreed to listen to my mother's words.

2 "half apprentice"

Liu is a living in Henan Province, chronic nephritis patients, in 2012 he once again met Shi Wei, this is the eighth time to visit the hospital. It is understood that every time I see Shiwei doctors will understand some of the disease knowledge, Shi Wei has always been asked. A nurse rounds, opened the door and found Liu did not in his bed, directly to Shi Wei's office, he saw Xiao Liu is happy with him to chat, Liu do not want to return to the ward. I wanted to go to the yard for a walk, looked up, the doctor's office lights still lit, I think the doctor must not go. Nurses know that as long as they can not find Liu, must be in the office of Dr. Shi Wei. "Liu and the doctor's relationship is very good, so during the duty, the nurse will find Liu many times at night." Every time I will To consult Dr. Shi kidney disease and knowledge of Chinese medicine, Dr. Shi Wei will also be patient to explain to me, teach me how to conditioning treatment. "Liu said with a smile, I have more than once the nurses sent back to the ward in the middle of the night, no way, and Shiwei doctor always forget the time," so long time down, and now I was half a stone doctor! "

365 days a year, almost all year round, he always adhere to the "all the first aid patients are very anxious, want patients to think", it is worth mentioning that Shi Wei always put the patient in the heart, As long as the patient needs, he told the medical staff to do. Shi Wei feel that the most guilty of this life is his wife and children, each can only go home late at night to see a sleeping child, the next day also early to the hospital, the child almost can not see my father. As his wife, she specifically supported Shi Wei's work, but also told their son to study like his father, to be able to adhere to the ideal person. Over the years, Shi Wei insisted on the treatment of Chinese medicine research, published a large number of kidney disease Chinese medicine treatment article, he also participated in the editor of "renal fibrosis of the basic theory and clinical application," kidney disease and other acupuncture treatment ", clear blood toxin treatment, his Efforts in the nephrotic syndrome, diabetic nephropathy, renal failure and uremia and other 20 kinds of clinical diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease has been widely used in the treatment of chronic renal failure and uremia significantly.

"The patient gave me trust, I will be responsible for them." Shi Wei said that in order to better serve the patient, every morning he always come to the hospital early, arrange a day after work will go to the ward to turn around, with the patient Chat, tell the patient some precautions, he said that if you do not go to the ward to see do not worry, this is the doctor's career. "His greatest wish is not to become a celebrity, but to become the most trusted friend of the patient.

Shi  Wei

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