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Treating kidney disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine

2017-04-26 09:44

  Many kidney experts point out that in clinic many patients apply hormone and immune stimulant will cause immune dysfunction or resistance decline ,thus causing this disease repeated and occur gastrointestinal reaction and bone marrow suppression ,so many times of Traditional Chinese Medicine for clinical application of spleen and kidney can eliminate the side effect of hormone and immune preparations ,can help regular immune function ,thus solving hormone bounce .

  Some Traditional Chinese Medicines in daily life such as Chinese caterpillar fungus ,herb of snow of June or astragalus membranaceus can improve cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity ,so through a large number of clinical observations we can found that these kinds of drugs can improve body removal force of antigen ,thus the glomerular basement membrane repair damage ,in addition can improve renal blood flow ,in this way can promote fiber texture absorption ,thus making the wasted glomerulus get repaired and reach to eliminate urine protein .

  First ,control blood pressure .In the development of nephrotic syndrome will accompany with high blood pressure ,so we should control well ,if cannot control well will affect the renal function ,thus developing into renal insufficiency .So it is important to control nephrotic syndrome patient’s blood pressure ,in this way can not only reduce blood pressure ,but also can maintain the renal function don’t get damaged ,that is angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors .

  Second , increase protein .Glomerular function failure ,glomerular sclerosis is not only related to glomerular blood pressure ,but also related to glomerular protein on outside ,the more the protein ,the faster the glomerular sclerosis ,the progress of renal failure is quick .While choose the drugs is not only can make the pressure decline ,at the same time can make the protein increase .In increasing protein ,the most important is to treat nephrotic syndrome ,immune inflammation treatment good ,protein is increased .

  Third ,don’t use lipid-lowering drug ,patients often have hyperlipidemia ,while high blood fat will damage nephrotic syndrome patient’s renal function .So patients should control the diet and drop the blood fat ,and then increase the renal function damage ,can use some drugs ,but should notice ,the drugs which can drop blood fat can damage the live .

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