People should have foot bath with 7 kinds of Chinese Medicin

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People should have foot bath with 7 kinds of Chinese Medicin

2017-05-30 16:35

Traditional Chinese medicine foot bath health care is a good way to release stress and health care, but experts suggested that not all of them are suitable for foot bath. There are 7 groups of Chinese herbal medicine should not be taken foot bath.
Seven kinds of people should not be foot bath  with Chinese Medicine
Pregnancy and menstrual period in women, because of foot bath with traditional Chinese medicine may be to stimulate gonadal reflection of women, thus affecting the health of the woman and the fetus; suffering from a severe hemorrhagic disease, at the time of foot massage, can cause local tissue bleeding in critically ill patients; kidney failure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, etc. and because the condition is not stable, the stimulation of the foot reflex zones may cause a strong reaction, complicate the condition; some acute infectious diseases, acute poisoning, surgical emergency patients, such as trauma, fractures, burns, perforation, bleeding, because it will be the best time delaying treatment; foot injuries, blister, scabies, purulent inflammation, ulcers, edema, and heavier patients with varicose veins.
In addition, due to foot vasodilation, blood volume increased, resulting in gastrointestinal and visceral blood reduction, affecting gastrointestinal digestion function. That is, before eating foot bath may inhibit secretion of gastric juice, digestion is unfavorable; after eating immediately foot bath can cause gastrointestinal blood volume decreased, affecting digestion.

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