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TCM of hypertensive nephropathy have unique skills

2017-05-27 11:01

Chinese medicine treatment of hypertensive nephropathy have unique skills! Hypertensive renal damage still belongs to "vertigo" and "headache" in Chinese medicine. According to pathogenesis changes, clinical classification of four types of treatment based on syndrome differentiation.
(1) liver yang hyperactivity syndrome: vertigo, tinnitus, headaches, irritability, insomnia, mouth pain, hypochondriac pain, red eyes, constipation female red, each because of emotional stimulation or nervous headache dizziness or aggravate, red tongue, pulse string. Therapy: calming liver and suppressing yang. Prescription: Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction, add and subtract. Gastrodia Uncaria 30g, 12g, 30g 30g shijueming, Achyranthes root, Caulis 30g, eucommia, 12g, gardenia 10g, Scutellaria 12g, motherwort 30g, Poria 15g, mistletoe 12g, dragonbones 30g, oyster 30g, fried malt 15g. If the fire piansheng can add gentian, paeonol Qinggan Xiere, or use the longdanxie liver soup abalone, Uncaria with clearing liver fire. If the Fu organs are full of constipation, add rhubarb and mirabilite to clear the bowels and drain the turbid.
(2): dizziness, headache, liver and kidney yin deficiency of tinnitus, dry throat, eye dryness, Yaoxisuanruan, insomnia, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse. Therapy: nourishing the liver and kidney. Recipe: Qijudihuang decoction. 15g wolfberry, chrysanthemum 15g, Rehmannia 15g, 15g yam, Cornus 10g, 15g Poria, Alisma 12g, Radix Paeoniae Alba 30g, mother of Pearl 30g. As with dry eyes with Dendrobium, or consistently Decoction; insomnia with semen Ziziphi Spinosae, born.
(3) accumulation of phlegm heat: dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, mouth sticky, loss of appetite, stuffy chest vomiting, body fat, red tongue, slippery pulse string. Therapy: clearing away heat and resolving phlegm. Prescription: Huang Lianwen gall decoction, add and subtract. Coptis 9g, orange 12g, orange peel 12g, 9g Zhuru, pinellia 12g, Poria 15g, calamus 12g, bile Arisaema 12g, Scutellaria 12g, Atractylodes 15g, Alisma 12g. If the head such as vertigo, Mongolia is phlegm by banxiabaizhutianma decoction.
(4) two: false Yin and Yang dizziness and tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, aversion to cold, urine long or night urination, impotence, pale tongue tender, weak pulse. Therapy: Nourishing Yin to promote yang. Recipe: Jinguishenqi pill. 6G cinnamon, aconite Rehmannia 10g, 15g 15g, Chinese yam, Cornus 10g, 15g Poria, Alisma 10g, Paeonol and 10go if the waist pain, dull tongue with peach kernel, safflower, achyranthes.
Chinese medicine treatment of hypertensive nephropathy have unique skills! No matter how terrible the disease is, we hope that we will not have much fear and negative emotions. Kidney disease is not terrible, the key is you use what kind of mentality to face their condition; the most terrible is not correct view of the treatment process of kidney disease. I hope you recover soon!


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