How does traditional Chinese medicine reduce creatinine?

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How does traditional Chinese medicine reduce creatinine?

2017-05-27 10:59

First of all, let us know what is serum creatinine and urea nitrogen; Western medicine assume that serum creatinine, urea nitrogen is the product of normal human metabolism, the level of these two basically reflect the renal function of kidney disease patients, but blood urea nitrogen is vulnerable to diet , Urine and other factors, its concentration is also easy to fluctuate, but serum creatinine is affected less by these factors, so blood creatinine can accurately reflect the status of renal function.
Blood creatinine, urea nitrogen is the body of the product after the normal metabolism, the vast majority should be excreted through the urine. But when people get kidney disease, especially to the stage of renal insufficiency, more than 70% of the kidney tissue (nephrons) have been very serious damage, the kidneys gradually lost its poisoning, detoxification function, serum creatinine urea nitrogen It can not be discharged through the urine and accumulation in the body, in a certain extent will develop into renal failure, uremia.
Western medicine treatment of renal failure uremia, only emphasis on creatinine, urea nitrogen and other items of biochemical indicators of control, not to repair the damaged kidney tissue - glomerular filtration membrane, it can not fundamentally improve and restore the kidney Poisoning, detoxification function. Even if the creatinine, urea nitrogen in the role of drugs and dialysis can be reduced, but it’s temporary, while the disease condition slightly changed, the level of creatinine, urea nitrogen will be significantly increased, has been developed to the twice dialysis a day can not stop the development of the disease.
Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy, especially renal failure, uremia, is starting to recognize and treat the disease from the "people is an organic whole concept", take the creatinine, urea nitrogen as a disease development process of the "standard", and deposited in Glomerular filtration membrane on the kidney damage to the "immune complex" and cold, wind and heat is the main cause of renal failure, uremia. Must take both sides, in order to eventually cure. Because the main function of Chinese medicine is to remove the glomerular filtration membrane above the immune complex and pathological tissue, and can effectively repair the glomerular filtration membrane, and thus the final recovery of renal function. In this way, as long as the kidney filter, detoxification to be restored, so that creatinine, urea nitrogen to have a way out, excretion smooth, reduced day by day, so that patients with renal failure can avoid the pain of dialysis and kidney transplantation.


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