Can Chinese traditional medicine remove renal toxin?

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Can Chinese traditional medicine remove renal toxin?

2017-05-27 09:39

The toxin can be used to clean four symptoms, indicating that your kidneys are toxins. So you need treatment.
1. fatigue
Toxins in the body consume kidney energy, so it can help other organs reduce fatigue and sleepiness.
2. menstrual flow decrease or short time, very dark color. The production and disappearance of menstruation refers to the energy of the kidneys. If the kidneys have a lot of toxins, the volume will drop.
3.Scorpio on the chin
The condition of the mandible refers to your kidneys. Toxins are not enough. Toxins are reflected in the jaws.
4. swelling
The kidneys regulate the flow of fluids in the body. When toxins are present in the kidneys, they reduce the excretion of toxins.
What kind of diet can help reduce the body's toxins?
Morning drinking water helps to alleviate toxin: from five a.m. to seven a.m., the best time to release toxins through the rest of the night, the morning to collect the toxins in the kidney, so it is best to drink a cup of water in the morning to remove the body of toxins
Plenty of water and less salt intake: the salt in our diet is metabolic by the kidneys, and too much salt can increase the burden on the kidneys. Drinking helps dilute the urine and prevents kidney stones from protecting the kidneys.
Treatment and diet combined with kidney disease have a great impact on treatment. If you only pay attention to diet, do not treat, kidney disease can not be resolved, for a long time, kidney damage is more serious. Chinese medicine can purify renal toxins and waste. If you have any questions about the kidney, please visit another website, or consult online, or leave a message in We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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