Can Chinese herbal medicine treat the 5 phase of CKD?

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Can Chinese herbal medicine treat the 5 phase of CKD?

2017-05-27 09:05

Can Chinese herbal medicine treat the fifth phase of chronic kidney disease? Chronic chronic kidney disease (CKD) usually develops in the fifth phase of chronic kidney disease (also known as end-stage renal failure). At this point, the patient's glomerular filtration rate dropped below 15 ml / min. In the eyes of many patients, they must live in dialysis or kidney transplantation. In fact, the fifth stage of herbal medicine for chronic kidney disease is also beneficial.
Dialysis for a long time can lead to some complications, but there are so few sources of kidneys that many patients can't have kidney transplants.  What should they do to get out of this mess? Herbal therapy will bring them good news.
Although the fifth stage of chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed, patients can live better without a kidney transplant. With this in mind, Chinese doctors are using herbs to help patients who do not have any kidney transplant opportunities. The herb treatment is designed to remove waste from the blood, regulate the patient's immune system, and use oral medications and topical medications. Oral medicine can gradually regulate the immune system. External use of drugs, medical baths and small medical bags can dilate blood vessels and direct treatment of lesions. The expansion of blood vessels removes more waste from the body and improves the condition of the patient.
Based on the above, we can know that herbal medicine for the fifth phase of this chronic kidney disease can help these patients live more comfortably, although so far they are not fully treated for end-stage renal disease. If you have this disease, you can go deep into it and I hope this helps you. If you have other kidney problems, you can browse other pages, or you can consult online, or leave a message in the mailbox, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Chinese herbal medicine treat the 5 phase of CKD

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