How to treat the skin itching in fifth phase of CKD?

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How to treat the skin itching in fifth phase of CKD?

2017-06-23 10:30

How to treat the skin itching in fifth phase of CKD? CKD fifth stage skin itching is a common and intolerable symptom that can occur in approximately 60% to 90% of stage 5 patients with CKD. In severe cases, it can lead to many other complications and affects the daily life of the patient. How to cope with the disease? Read the following or contact tongshantang doctor to get the answer.

What's the cause of itchy skin? 

The fifth stage of chronic kidney disease is also known as end-stage renal failure (CRF). This is the most serious stage of kidney disease. At this stage, almost all of the renal function can be lost. As a result, many melittin and toxins grow in the body and cause great interference. Pruritus of the skin is usually due to metabolic disorders of the electrolyte, accumulation of nitrogen and allergies in the body.

How to deal with itching of the skin?

As can be seen from the above, the main cause of pruritus is the decline of renal function. Therefore, an important thing is that patients should improve renal function. At present, Chinese medicine osmotic therapy is widely used in the clinical treatment of fifth phase of CKD. This is a Chinese herbal medicine external therapy established by Chinese hospital nephrology experts. It can not only alleviate the clinical symptoms, but also treat the root cause of kidney disease. 

In addition to effective treatment, attention should also be paid to preventing disease in everyday life. For example, they should wear cotton cloth and loose fabric every day, avoid using alkaline soap or foam when taking a bath, eat little spicy food and so on.

In conclusion, pruritus is closely related to the decline of renal function in stage fifth CRF. Only when you have good control of your kidney function can you remove the itching of the skin. If you want to know more about kidney disease, you can browse other pages, or you can consult online, or leave a message in the mailbox, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

treat the skin itching in fifth phase of CKD


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