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The symptoms of purpura nephritis

2014-03-16 11:34

  The clinical symptoms of allergic purpura nephritis mainly include out of renal symptoms and kidney.

  1、Abdominal pain—common symptoms. Parts of purpura nephritis patients always have abdominal pain. Abdominal pain as the mainly of periumbilicus and inferior belly, it is clonic angina, abdominal pain always have nausea vomiting and hematuria, sometimes have hematemesis、hemafecia.

  2、Joint symptoms. Almost half of patients have qualitative multiple arthropathy, majority is light pain, part of patients have swelling of joint and limitation of motion. Common tired joints are knee、ankle and finger. The symptoms would fade away in some days, don’t hand down deformed joints, but repeated during taking activities.

  3、Skin rash—clear symptoms. Purpura nephritis patients have skin rash, at first it is red punctuate, pressing could disappear, but later turn into purple hemorrhagic rash, and the rash is located in double lower limbs symmetrically. Also seen in buttock and lower limbs, when the rash faded away could turn into yellowish-brown, majority patients have 1-2 times, up to 3 times repeatedly, but individual patient could continuously attack up to several months even years.

  4、Other symptoms. Except for above symptoms, allergic purpura nephritis patients maybe have lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly. Several clinical symptoms have pulmonary hemorrhage, high blood pressure is caused by nephritis and convulsion、palsy、coma caused by purple brain lesion.

  Hematuria is the typical features of kidney injury for allergic purpura nephritis, with different degrees protein urine、edema and high blood pressure, several patients are nephrotic syndrome or rapidly progressive nephritic syndrome, renal function decreased rapidly.

  The above content is purprua nephritis’s symptoms, according to the symptoms feature of purpura nephritis could divided into four types: acute type、accellerated type、chronic and asyptomatic urinary exception type. All types purpura nephritis patients have different expression, and its diagnosis condition also have some differences.

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