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What are the symptoms of mild purpura nephritis?

2017-06-14 10:00

We said allergic purpuric nephritis refers to suffering from allergic purpura when the kidney involvement, also known as purpuric nephritis, some kidney involvement will appear some of some nephritis kidney disease and nephritis symptoms, and mild purpura Glomerulonephritis will appear the corresponding symptoms of the disease, early detection of purpura nephritis in patients with the rehabilitation of patients has a great help, then, mild purpura nephritis what symptoms?

First, the kidney condition: generally about 2 to 4 weeks of purpura hematuria or microscopic hematuria proteinuria and tubular urine, can also occur after the rash subsided or disease quiescence. Usually in a few weeks to restore severe can occur in renal dysfunction, azotemia and hypertensive encephalopathy. A small number of cases of hematuria proteinuria or high blood pressure for more than 2 years, clinically called kidney type.

Second, nephritis symptoms: mostly in the onset of 1 month, some can be as late as 3 to 6 months or even more than 2 years. The main clinical manifestations are as follows:

1, hematuria For the naked eye or microscopic hematuria, sustainable or gaps appear, and after infection or purpura episodes intensified. Most cases with varying degrees of proteinuria.

2, proteinuria. The degree of severity is not necessarily proportional to the degree of hematuria, proteinuria are mostly moderate, plasma protein levels than the degree of decline in proteinuria is obvious, may be in addition to kidney leakage, but also from other parts such as the gastrointestinal tract, Subcutaneous tissue and other leakage. Some cases can be expressed as nephrotic syndrome or acute nephritis syndrome. The latter edema, hypertension is relatively not obvious.

3, high blood pressure. Generally mild hypertension, hypertensive patients were significantly worse prognosis.

4, other. A small number of patients with edema, mostly mild, acute phase swollen who often have increased blood pressure, said the lesion is more extensive. The causes of edema are associated with changes in proteinuria, gastrointestinal protein loss and capillary permeability.

In addition, the patient is often accompanied by sore skin skin purpura, abdominal pain, general discomfort and other performance. Renal function is generally normal, a small number of blood creatinine, blood urea nitrogen a transient increase. Serum IgA and IgM were mostly elevated and IgG was normal. C3 and CH50 mostly normal, many cases of cold blood globulin rose.

If you have kidney disease treatment, diet, health and other aspects of the doubts or problems, or found that the above symptoms should be promptly to the professional experience of the symptoms of nephritis caused by allergic purpura. Kidney disease hospital to understand or check, and early detection, which for your further treatment or rehabilitation have some help.

What are the symptoms of mild purpura nephritis?

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