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Dietary attention for pregnancy with purpura nephritis

2017-08-21 09:56

  Patients with purpura nephritis have many attentions in diet, and for pregnancy with purpura nephritis, there are also many things need to pay more attention to. Scientific diet could not only delay the course development of purpura nephritis, but also have some helpful for recovery.

  1、Purpura nephritis patients should be had light and easy to digest food, avoid seafood、beef、mutton、spicy and irritating food, liquor and anything stimulating food: such as aniseed、coffee、caraway and etc.

  2、Prevent cold, avoid catching cold, don’t eat health food, tonic, in case of the aggravation for getting angry.

  3、Purpura nephritis patients with severe edema should avoid salt, limit the intake of protein, drinking less of water. Light edema could take lower salt diet; without edema don’t need limit the intake of water and protein.

  4、Patients with gross hematuria and easy to get angry should drink more water, take more food with the effect of nourishing yin and decreasing fire, such as apple、white sugar、black sesame、agaric.

  5、Patients with hyperkalemia should avoid the food with high biological value, such as seafood、mushroom、ham、agaric、dried fruit、cornflakes、banana、orange、potato、pickled radish、tea leaf、soy sauce、monosodium glutamate and etc.

  6、Avoid eating animal offal、seafood、beer、mushroom、bean、spinach

  7、Patients with purpura nephritis should take half a pound of milk, an egg, and 50g of lean.

  8、With high blood pressure should control blood pressure, has been taken hormone, should decrease the dosage under the guidance of doctor, patients with acidosis should take baking soda to correct acidosis timely.

  9、Forbidden taking neomycin、streptomycin、gentamicin、caulis aristolochiae manshuriensis、fangchi root、aristolochia and automatically immune injection.

  10、Have a happy emotion, it is good for condition and the health of baby.

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