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The diet requirement for purpura nephritis

2017-09-15 18:43

Treating purpura nephritis, the diet also need to concern, henoch schonlein purpura diet is good for recovery, and different patients have different requirements. Patients choose food according to self condition.

Henoch schonlein purpura diet is what?

1、Stop contact and use the food which maybe cause henoch schonlein purpura , such as milk、crab、shrimp、mutton and so on.

2、According to different types, choose different food, for example, the patients with heat-toxin in blood、fire excess from yin deficiency, should choose cold food, like fresh lotus root、water chestnut、brassica juncea、pear、carambola、lotus seed、agaric、lotus leaf、herb of herba cirsii and etc.

3、The patients with failure of keeping fluid due to qi deficiency, should choose the food with strengthening pi and nourishing kidney, such as lean、skim milk、red dates、lotus seed and so on.

henoch schonlein purpura diet

4、The henoch schonlein purpura dietary should be light、nutrition and easy to digest, avoid improper diet.

5、Avoid greasy food, each meal don’t eat too much, in case the kidney burden is increased, induce or aggravate gastrointestinal bleeding.

6、The diet should be finish, try best not eat low-diet and crude fiber food, such as celery、rapeseed、bamboo shoot、Chinese chives、spinach and so on, could wear gastrointestinal mucosa, induce or aggravate gastrointestinal bleeding.

7、Broiled dishes, undercooked beef、mutton、pork and etc, should also avoid it.

8、Avoid smoking and drinking, spicy and stimulation food, in case gastrointestinal bleeding is induced or aggravated, with high blood pressure or edema should limit the intake of salt.
The above is a brief introduction to henoch schonlein purpura diet, for reference only. If there are questions about the henoch schonlein purpura diet, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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