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Symptoms of high creatinine values

2017-06-09 18:05

Symptoms of high creatinine values are the following:

1 edema often begins with the eyelids (some patients with edema from the lower limb to start), serious spread to the body and even pleural effusion and ascites.

2 hypertension is one of the high performance of creatinine.

3 frequency (number), urgency (hold urine), dysuria (voiding and urethral abdominal pain).

4 most of the back pain is blunt pain, surgical disease can appear severe colic.

Blood cells contain 5 hematuria in the urine, or the laboratory test shows positive occult blood (a plus).

6 more than 2500 milliliters of urine every day more than ten thousand urine.

7 less urine or urine every day and night less than 400 ml called oliguria, less than 100 ml called no urine.

8 foam in urine may be a manifestation of increased urine protein, urine protein positive test is a reliable evidence of increased urinary protein



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