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How does Chinese medicine treat pyelonephritis?

2017-08-31 15:37

With the rapid development of social economy and modern medical science and technology, the use of traditional Chinese medicine is also more and more extensive, especially in the treatment of nephropathy has an important role. There are many ways to treat pyelonephritis, including pyelonephritis using traditional Chinese medicine for traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment is a good way. So how does Chinese medicine treat pyelonephritis?

Here to tell you, pyelonephritis treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, hoping to help to everyone.

Nephritis heat sink. Each five, three times a day orally, ten days for a course of treatment, and even served two to three courses. This medicine can Shufeng heat, Xuanfei Li water. Suitable for rapid nephritis, is a wind-heat attack lung type, see eyelid edema, and then the body edema, and see fever aversion to cold, limb pain, shortness of light yellow, thirst, sore throat, tongue side red, A number of floating or floating.

Nephritis swelling tablets. Each five times, three times a day orally. Twenty days for a course of treatment, and even served three courses. This medicine can spleen wet, Tongyang water. Applicable to rapid progressive glomeruli. Nephritis, abdominal distension, or loose stools thin, fatigue fatigue, or aversion to cold, thick greasy tongue coating, pulse Shen string or thin.

Three wonderful pill. Two to three times a day, each one to two, empty clothes. This medicine can heat dampness, suitable for rapid advance. Glomerular nephritis, under the coke damp heat type, see the urine is short red, or for the thick tea-like, dry mouth bitter, noodles limb swelling, the skin has impetigo, thin yellow or yellow greasy fur coat, pulse string or number.

Wuling powder. Severe weight of nine grams per day, middle six grams, mild three grams, two or three times orally. This medicine can benefit the water dampness, warm gas. Applicable to rapid nephritis, is a yang water stop type, meet the floating limb swelling, or body edema, shortness of urine, poor appetite, abdominal distension, or stool thinning, fatigue, fatigue, or aversion to cold, String or thin.

Above is how Chinese medicine treatment of pyelonephritis, you can see that Chinese medicine is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease is also very research, kidney disease may wish to symptomatic selection.


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