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What tea is good for chronic nephritis patients

2014-08-19 15:48

  If get chronic nephritis,many people may ask if they can have tea or not. Part of them think tea is bad for their health. In fact,chronic nephritis patients can have tea. The only thing they should do is choose the right breed of tea and drink it in a right way. Now we will introduce several kind of tea that is benefit from chronic nephritis patients’ recovery.

  1. Peach blossom. Take some peach blossom and tea in hot-water and drink it when the water is not so hot. This can help smooth the piss.

  2. Corn stigma. 1g tea,30g corn stigma and boil them in water. This can alleviate swelling that is caused by nephritis and can also cure high blood pressure.

  3. Coix seed tea. Stir fry it and then soak it in hot water. It can also alleviate swelling that is caused by nephritis.

  One thing need notice is that “tea”there means green tea. During the days that having tea,one should have light food.

  In fact,for chronic nephritis patients,one important thing is adjust a good mentality. Though uremia and other kinds of chronic kidney disease can’t be cured thoroughly nowadays,patients can live well for many years if receive proper treatment and do the diet or other nurse work well.

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