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Rest Suggestion for Acute Nephritis patients

2017-04-20 17:23

  The curative ratio of acute nephritis reaches up to 90%. But there is no effective drugs of interdicting pathogenesis. Therefore, strengthen the body resistance to disease, eliminate the effect of some disadvantages to preventing to transform chronic nephritis. Funeng therapy found that having a good rest promotes patients recovery. In the different stage of acute nephritis, the glaring issue is different that patients need a relative standard as the guidance of rest.

  In the phase of acute nephritis, patients with severe blood urine, edema and hypertension should stay in bed about 4-6 weeks. Patients should get out of bed and do exercises, When condition turn much better. Patients can go out and play after 1-2 weeks when blood urine and protein urine do not aggravate after exercises. But regular reexamination is very important. Once condition aggravates, patients should stay in bed. If the urine test is not back to normal, patients should stay in bed about 6-12months. When the red blood cells and protein obviously decline, patients can increase the activity level slowly. But patients should not feel tired and can not do manual labor and brainwork. If students have acute nephritis, they can not go to school before the urine test turn normal. The strenuous exercises should be avoided among the 6-12 months that urine test turns normal.

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