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Expert introduction to chronic nephritis

2017-08-14 11:39

Edema nephritis edema is usually the risk of eye edema, in the morning after getting up is the most common. But in normal sleep is insufficient, will also appear in the morning after the insurance eye edema, up after the event will subside. Such experience in daily life is very easy to make patients and their families. A lot of vigilance is reduced in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis eye face edema, but are generally in work or learning tension, sleep is insufficient, and in adequate sleep, rarely happen, so there is no place on the heart. In the process of treatment later asked many patients, many of them have similar experience.

The second is indeed a part of hypertension, patients with chronic glomerulonephritis is characterized by hypertension, but the onset age mainly focused on young adults, heart and vascular conditions are good, the compensatory ability is very strong, many people are found occasionally their high blood pressure. And more people especially young people, no dizziness the feeling is not, palpitations, specifically to blood pressure, high blood pressure than do not know. In addition, there are still some patients with high blood pressure loss is in the advanced stages of the disease due to renal decompensation was demonstrated.

Again, hematuria and proteinuria for hematuria and proteinuria, these nouns more easily misunderstood. Hematuria is blood in the urine? Protein urine is protein in the urine is not? That is not right. That is because in fact the case, said that it was wrong for people to understand the reality of the Lord two abnormal condition rarely, people can see the blood is thought to hematuria, proteinuria and what is more fuzzy. In fact, people usually think is hematuria hematuria, urinary cylinder of general appearancing are not caused by chronic nephritis, but other diseases of the urinary system. And chronic nephritis most of the original blood under the microscope, is needed to test to know.

Proteinuria for those of us who have experienced disease, is familiar, in general is very turbid urine, there will be a big bubble, but a long time will not disappear. But in real life, few people pay special attention to your urine, especially for a lot of very good living habits of the people, a solution. Put the urine away, do not leave to observe whether there is no bubble or muddy. One part of the symptoms and signs of chronic nephritis patients is very slight and hidden, they almost do not affect the patient's daily life and work, but in fact, the condition is in development.


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