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The treatment of glomerulonephritis is a brief introduction

2017-08-21 10:30

Chronic nephritis due to various causes renal cell damage, glomerular filtration function selection disorders, could not have leaked a lot of protein in the urine elimination, urine routine test index scan revealed a positive urine protein "+" "+ +" or more. Therefore, in the treatment of chronic nephritis, especially for the treatment of proteinuria, the need to repair damaged kidney cells become a starting point for treatment.
After more than 200 cases of chronic nephritis were treated by micro Chinese medicine, it obtained through the repair of renal cells damaged in place, especially on the repair of residual glomerular epithelial cells in place after the glomerular selective filtration function can be restored, a selective filtration function can be repaired, restored to stop to the function of protein leakage. So long as in place for repair of damaged epithelial cells, patients with urinary protein leakage will be gradually reduced, to repair damaged glomerular epithelial cells is a long process, there is a certain objective repair law, proteinuria disappeared is the micro Chinese medicine therapeutic effect on blocking therapy.
Due to chronic glomerulonephritis referred to as chronic nephritis, proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension, edema refers to the basic clinical manifestations . Onset in different ways, the protracted, the slow progress of pathological changes can be different degrees of renal dysfunction, that will eventually develop into a group of glomerular disease in patients with chronic renal failure. There are many ways to treat chronic nephritis, and diet has a certain effect on the recovery of patients, especially in the summer, the selection of wax gourd treatment of chronic nephritis, is conducive to the recovery of patients.
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