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Complications of chronic renal failure - bloating

2017-06-25 10:08

Complications of chronic renal failure - bloating, normal people there is a certain amount of gastrointestinal tract (about 100 ~ 200ml) of the gas, the gas is located in the stomach and colon, the small intestine gas less, when the accumulation of excessive gas in the gastrointestinal tract , Known as abdominal flatulence (abdominal distension), referred to as abdominal distension. Because of the cause of abdominal distension caused by a lot, so bloating in clinical is a very common symptoms.

Generally speaking, gastrointestinal bulging are abdominal bulging. Limited to the upper abdomen of the bulging more common in the stomach or transverse colon caused by gas. Small intestine gas abdominal distension may be limited to the abdomen, but also for the whole abdomen bulging. Colonic valve abdominal distension may be limited to the lower abdomen or lower left abdomen. Pyloric obstruction, the upper abdomen may have stomach and peristaltic wave, intestinal obstruction can be seen when the intestinal type and peristalsis wave, bowel sounds hyperthyroidism or weakened. Peritonitis patients may have tenderness and muscle tension.

Complications of chronic renal failure - how should bloating prevent?

1. should avoid eating food containing food, such as eggs, soft drinks, some people think that drinking water can help people hiccups, in fact, although the hiccups can make people feel comfortable, but most of the gas is still in the intestine.

2. should avoid eating easy to produce gas food, easy to produce gas foods are onions, cabbage, beans, sweet potatoes, leeks, raw onions, raw garlic, celery and so on.

3. should avoid indigestion, indigestion can be a reasonable diet control. Should be in the diet to reduce the amount of sugar and milk and other flat food.

Complications of chronic renal failure - bloating
Complications of chronic renal failure - bloating

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