TCM:Complications of chronic renal failure-hypoglycemia

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TCM:Complications of chronic renal failure-hypoglycemia

2017-06-25 09:56

TCM:Complications of chronic renal failure-hypoglycemia.Hypoglycemia refers to a blood glucose level of less than 2.77mmol / l (50mg / dl), is a diabetic patients with oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin treatment of common complications. Early symptoms of hypoglycemia to the autonomic nerve, especially sympathetic nervous excitement, manifested as palpitations, fatigue, sweating, hunger, pale, tremor, nausea and vomiting, more severe hypoglycemia often central nervous system lack of sugar performance , Such as confusion, mental disorders, limb paralysis, incontinence, lethargy, coma and so on.

Normal blood sugar

Fasting blood glucose normal

① general fasting blood glucose is 3.9 ~ 6.1 mmol / l (70 ~ 110 mg / dl), plasma glucose is 3.9 ~ 6.9 mmol / l (70 ~ 125 mg / dl).

② fasting blood glucose ≥6.7 mmol / l (120 mg / dl), plasma glucose ≥ 7.8 mmol / l (140 mg / dL), 2 repeated measurements can be diagnosed as diabetes.

③ When fasting blood glucose is above 5.6 mmol / l (100 mg / dl), plasma glucose is above 6.4 mmol / l (115 mg / dL) and glucose tolerance test should be done.

④ When fasting blood glucose more than 11.1 mmol / l (200 mg / dl), said insulin secretion is minimal or lack. Therefore, fasting blood glucose significantly increased, do not have other checks, you can diagnose diabetes.

Postprandial blood glucose normal

① 1 hour after meals: blood sugar 6.7-9.4 mmol / liter. Up to no more than 11.1mmol / L (200mg / dl)

② 2 hours after meals: blood sugar ≤ 7.8 mmol / liter.

③ 3 hours after the meal: the third hour after the return to normal, the urine are negative

Pregnant women with normal blood sugar

① pregnant women fasting no more than 5.1mmol / L

② pregnant women 1 hour after meals: 1 hour postprandial blood glucose is generally used to detect pregnant women, diabetes, the authority of the data that pregnant women 1 hour after meals should not exceed 10.0mmol / L is the normal level of blood sugar;

③ pregnant women 2 hours after meals: normal blood glucose after the general provisions of not more than 11.1mmol / L, and 2 hours after the normal blood sugar forbidden women should not exceed 8.5mmol / L.

Through the detection of normal blood glucose levels, understanding the standard value of blood sugar can help you improve the prevention and treatment of diabetes.The above is a brief introduction to hypoglycemia in chronic renal failure. If you have questions about chronic kidney failure or hypoglycemia, you can consult an online expert who will give you a detailed answer.

TCM:Complications of chronic renal failure - hypoglycemia
TCM:Complications of chronic renal failure - hypoglycemia

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