Pericarditis is a complication of chronic renal failure

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Pericarditis is a complication of chronic renal failure

2017-06-23 10:57

After acute pericarditis, scarring, adhesions, and calcinosis occur in the pericardium. Most of the patients only have slight scar formation and loose or partial pericardial adhesions, no obvious thickening, does not affect the function of the heart, called chronic adhesive pericarditis, no importance in clinic, patients with pericardial effusion in part exist for a long time, the formation of chronic exudative pericarditis, may be chronic acute nonspecific pericarditis, mainly characteristic with pericardial effusion, the prognosis is good, a small number of patients due to the formation of thick scar tissue, pericardial lose flexibility, significantly affect the cardiac systolic and diastolic function, called constrictive pericarditis, including typical chronic constrictive pericarditis and pericardial effusion and pericardial constriction occurred the subacute effusion constrictive pericarditis, the latter in both clinical and blockage of pericardial constriction performance, and eventually evolved into a typical chronic constrictive pericarditis. 

Complications of chronic renal failure - prevention and care of pericarditis

Chronic pericarditis is formed due to no thorough treatment for acute pericarditis, the clinical treatment of acute pericarditis should be promptly and thoroughly, only this can prevent the occurrence of chronic pericarditis, the active treatment of chronic pericarditis can prevent the formation of chronic constrictive pericarditis; these kinds of disease are with process of gradual development, therefore, any of them need timely treatment.

The content above is about complication of chronic renal failure, namely pericarditis, for reference purposes only. If you have questions about chronic kidney failure, consult online specialist and they will give you a detailed answer.

Pericarditis is a complication of chronic renal failure
Pericarditis is a complication of chronic renal failure 

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