Pediatric urinary tract infection easily lead to CRF

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Pediatric urinary tract infection easily lead to CRF

2017-06-23 10:46

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common diseases in pediatrics, but also lead to children with chronic renal failure, hypertension and other diseases of the main reasons. If you find a child unexplained fever, no obvious symptoms of infection, should check urine check, early diagnosis, early treatment.

Chronic renal failure: 90% patients without the knowledge

China has more than 200 million children with kidney disease, of which the number of cases of chronic renal failure is increasing at an annual rate of 13%. Unfortunately, in the highly developed information today, people are very low awareness of chronic kidney disease: more than 90% of patients did not know.

Nearly 20% of the world's kidney disease patients to the hospital, the condition has developed to late. Early detection, early treatment has become a serious concern of the global problem. And to really do early detection, early treatment, to strengthen the urine screening of children is particularly important. It is reported that the Shanghai Pediatric Society Kidney School and the Shanghai CDC has more than 85,000 middle school students to implement a urine screening, the results found that 1% of the students urine abnormalities.

Vigilance: pediatric urinary tract infection easily lead to chronic renal failure

According to reports, the general incidence of children with urinary tract infection is higher than the boys 3.1 to 30/1000, boys 1.7 to 10/1000. According to the infection site points on the lower urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection (also known as pyelonephritis) greater harm, especially for infants and young children can lead to irreversible renal scar formation, of which 10% to 20% will secondary hypertension. In the annual increase in renal failure patients, 10% to 15% due to chronic pyelonephritis caused.

Kidney disease doctors reminded that infants and young children due to urinary tract infection is often only fever or with apathy, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions and other non-urinary system symptoms, and sometimes even without any clinical symptoms, only in the urine test will be checked out, In the first visit is easy to be missed or misdiagnosed. Doctors advise, for no clear lesions of infants and young children fever cases, should do routine urine examination.

Pediatric urinary tract infection easily lead to CRF

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