Eating hot pot diarrhea leads to acute kidney failure

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Eating hot pot diarrhea leads to acute kidney failure

2017-06-23 10:31

The 30 year old white-collar eats hot pot cause severe diarrhea, finally unexpectedly cause acute kidney failure! How do you hurt your kidney when you have a stomachache?

Recently, a young man was lying in his hospital bed in the emergency room of the kidney disease hospital, weeping and crying as he sat by his wife. "How do you get kidney failure?" The wife choked up and asked the doctor.

The man lying on the hospital bed is paid, 30 years old, the office worker. Three days ago, he and a group of friends in a small restaurant, eat hot pot, mutton, pork meatballs, enoki, point a lot of vegetables, a group of people to eat until 1 am.

"It was a bit of a stomachache and a bit of a hunch," he said. "I got an excuse to leave." Mr. Fu frowned and told the doctor.

When he got home, he kept pulling on his stomach for the night. The next morning he got up and pulled again several times. Thinking of going to work and going to the hospital, Mr. Fu asked his family to go to the pharmacy and buy some antilaxatives and go to work. Eating the medicine for two days, toilet run is less, but the family found something was wrong: 3 days, Mr Fu, like seriously ill, eyes deep concave, yellowish skin, the most puzzling is that have loose bowels stopped, urine is not to come out.

At the end of the day, the doctor had already had a bottom, which was probably the acute kidney failure caused by severe diarrhea. Sure enough, he found that his blood creatinine (kidney function) was as high as 900 millimol/liter.

How do you hurt your kidney when you have a stomachache?

Experts said, diarrhea can cause the body fluids, lead to severe dehydration, if not timely supplement moisture, blood volume is insufficient, can appear kidney ischemia, causing acute renal failure.

In general, there are more cases of diarrhoea during the summer. But by the end of the year, there's a lot of chance to get out and eat and drink, and there's a lot of people who have chronic kidney failure.

"I have a patient wards, 40 years old of middle-aged, also eat hot pot to eat bad belly, renal damage. But fortunately, the patient has a certain awareness, come back to the hospital to find me, so faster recovery."

Experts cautioned that people who had a kidney disease before they had a kidney disease were more likely to develop acute kidney failure than healthy people. While kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, is more common among young people, young people tend to overestimate their own bodies and underestimate the risk of diarrhoea. After early active treatment, the kidney function of most patients can return to normal. If prolonged, it could develop into chronic kidney failure and require long-term dialysis.

Eating hot pot diarrhea leads to acute kidney failure

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