What are the complications of renal failure?

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What are the complications of renal failure?

2017-06-23 10:28

If people do not pay attention to some chronic kidney disease, without conditioning, it is likely to worsen gradually, which may lead to kidney failure. After renal failure occurs, it will show a lot of complications, so that patients feel very painful. Below the kidney hospital expert introduces the common complication and the nursing matters for you.
Kidney failure patients can easily get all kinds of infectious diseases because of their weak physical function. The most common complication of renal failure is infection of the respiratory tract and urinary tract. The majority of the pathogens are Staphylococcus aureus and gram negative bacilli. The polyuria, when children with gradually increasing the amount of urine, systemic edema, 24 hour urine volume is more than 250ml/m2, which is a diuretic period, usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks (up to 1 months) in this period due to the large number of urination and dehydration can occur, hyponatremia and hypokalemia. In the early stage, the hypoxemia continued and even worsened, and the later stage of renal function gradually recovered.
The recovery period, diuresis period, total renal Mongolia improved, urine volume returned to normal, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine gradually returned to normal, and the renal concentration function takes months to return to normal, a few patients left part of irreversible renal damage. This period of childhood can be characterized by weakness, emaciation, malnutrition, anemia, and poor immune function. Most of the ATN caused by nutrition are non oliguria acute renal failure. The clinical manifestation is less, the urinary type acute renal failure has mild symptoms, less complications and lower fatality rate.
After the kidney failure patient gets sick, not only must the active treatment, but also must pay attention to the nutrition supplement. Many patients with chronic renal failure in the treatment requirements of protein is the most people know, but in the process of treatment, patients with renal failure in addition to loss of protein, blood and easy fusion protein with calcium excretion, that is to say, in patients with renal failure in the body is missing a large number of protein at the same time, also lost a lot of calcium. Lead to calcium deficiency in clinical treatment of many renal failure patients. If you do not pay attention to the timely supplement of calcium or intake of calcium deficiency foods, lead to hypocalcemia in patients with kidney failure, induced by low calcium convulsions, hand and foot convulsions. Therefore, it requires patients with renal failure to supplement adequate protein while also supplying enough vitamin D and calcium.
This shows that the risk of renal failure is great, not only the disease itself will endanger the health of patients, but also many complications of the disease, the damage to patients is very large. The patient's family members should pay attention to nutritional supplements, especially protein, calcium, vitamins and so on.

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