Hypertension may cause kidney failure

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Hypertension may cause kidney failure

2017-06-23 10:44

December 10, 34-year-old Chengdu guy overtime stay up late, high blood pressure leading to cerebral hemorrhage death, it is very deplored. In the past, patients with hypertension are basically over 50 years of age, but in recent years was younger trend. Reporters learned from the major hospitals of Cardiology, twenty or thirty-year-old hypertensive patients accounted for about 20%, most of them are due to high-fat diet, obesity, stay up late, tired caused by many people because of high blood pressure caused by kidney failure, heart Stems, cerebral hemorrhage, leaving serious sequelae, to the individual and the family has brought a heavy burden.

Stay up all night, tired, smoking sudden hypertensive patients with renal failure

30-year-old Mr. Liu engaged in IT work, often stay up to three or four o'clock in the morning, during which also kept smoking "refreshing", open the cabinet, only see bread, instant noodles, sausage stuffed full. Three five years, his weight increased by 30 kilos. And the weight of the growth is synchronized with Mr. Liu's blood pressure, for three consecutive years of physical examination have shown that he was suffering from high blood pressure, but until the systolic blood pressure more than 200 mm Hg, he unconscious admission, found that renal failure, it attracted enough attention, but this time It's too late. Experts say now young people suffering from more and more high blood pressure, which is high and high sugar and high sugar diet increased, obesity, stay up all night, tired, smoking, drinking, plus their work pressure, entertainment, and usually do not pay attention Exercise, bad lifestyle superimposed, resulting in the young people with high blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure has a gradual process, the body gradually adapt, many patients without dizziness, headache symptoms, so do not take medicine is very dangerous. 41-year-old Mr. Wang suffering from high blood pressure five or six years, when the headache to take medicine, but after a few days without symptoms, and put the drug to the side, the medication has been intermittent, and never do family blood pressure monitoring, in the end How many of their own heart. One night, he and his wife a quarrel, suddenly felt chest pain came to the hospital, after examination occurred in acute myocardial infarction. Some patients with vascular stenosis is not obvious, but because of emotional excitement, stay up all night, seasonal and other external factors to stimulate, sympathetic nerve excitement, blood pressure fluctuations, and even more than 50 mm of mercury, unstable plaque rupture, Local formation of thrombosis, and then lead to myocardial infarction, severe death may also occur. Therefore, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the first system to control drugs, and do a good job of blood pressure monitoring and recording.


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