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Diagnosis of Infantile Nephrotic Syndrome by Traditional Chi

2017-10-26 17:30

Chinese medicine believes that children with nephrotic syndrome belongs to the category of deficiancy. The disease is a common urological disease in pediatrics. It has a long course, many complications and is easy to recur. Chinese medicine for this disease usually in typing diagnosis, its performance for the reality: wind and water type, damp heat type, blood stasis type. Specific diagnostic methods are described below:

wind and water type: wind caused by pathogenic wind outside, especially wind heat more than cold, but also for the beginning of cold, and then heat. This type often causes eyelid and facial edema, and then quickly spread to the whole body, and the limbs are sour and the urine is bad. If you look at urine, you can see the protein or with varying degrees of red blood cells and so on. With fever, headache, sore throat, evil wind, cough, congestion syndrome.

Damp heat type: due to damp heat evil invasion caused by acute onset, swollen, skin moist and shiny, abdominal distension, Fanre thirst, dry stool, short red urine, or skin sore furuncle, urine protein and a large number of red blood cells, red tongue, yellow or greasy, slippery pulse. This type is more common application of corticosteroids and nephropathy had secondary infection and Cushing syndrome.

Stasis type: mostly caused by edema, and by Qi and blood. The clinical meet floating swollen limbs, skin armour fault, or petechia, lumbago or red urine, urine protein and red blood cells are pleomorphic, red or pale tongue, petechiae tongue, tongue bruised ribs, moss thin yellow or greasy, pulse astringent or knot generation. There are only persistent edema, Jiuzhibuyu, lack of blood stasis syndrome and other obvious.

The above is the diagnosis of Infantile Nephrotic Syndrome by Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the whole, the Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease is very effective, in general circumstances, we recommend that you select the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine.

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