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Diabetes nap tips

2017-08-25 17:00

A nap, modern medicine has a lot of research, generally, the afternoon nap is good, can help the body to restore the energy and physical strength, stable blood pressure. However, for diabetes patients, nap can not "too observant of conventional standards.".

Sugar friends pay attention to napping

After lunch, people often have full of difficulties, for normal people, after the meal can be a half hour to an hour. But in patients with diabetes after the meal did not immediately nap. Because diabetes in the postprandial period, blood sugar value will be very high. The meal immediately sleeps, glucose to make it easy for digestion and utilization, blood sugar rises again.

If a diabetic falls asleep immediately after meals, it is very harmful to the postprandial blood sugar control. The "sugar friend" should take an appropriate half hour after lunch and then take a nap for at least an hour

A nap for more than 1 hours increases your blood sugar and makes you feel more sluggish, and eating right after eating is not conducive to digestion, so it's better to schedule a nap 15 minutes after lunch

Living is often done while exercising

Spring day time, night is shortened, we should adapt to the changes of the day and night, sleep less moderate, increase the activity time. General recommendations in the midnight before falling asleep before midnight is 23. (23 points to 1 points) bile by the most prosperous; Choushi (1 to 3) of liver by the most prosperous, if in the two hour can not sleep, liver metabolic disorders, prone to hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones a kind of disease. Some sugar friends think autumn Chunkun spent is a normal phenomenon, so want to spring morning sleep, actually this is wrong. Sleep late and get up late, will cause endocrine disorders that is not conducive to the control of blood sugar.


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