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Uremia with the most obscure symptoms is the first major cau

2017-09-27 15:33

Mr Wang often have headache and slight fever in recent years. But he just get used to it, six months ago, he found high blood pressure because of dizziness, but because the work is busy, he just had some  antihypertensive drugs by himself.

Until recently, dizziness and nausea, diarrhea, skin itching, body edema, lack of energy, all come together, and he could not stand it anymore, went to the hospital - diagnosed as uremia. There are many causes of uremia, the body has given him too much reminder, even so did not cause his attention.

what can cause uremia

Next let’s take a look at what can cause uremia?

First, glomerular diseases: such as chronic glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis and so on.

Second, infectious diseases: such as chronic kidney nephritis, kidney tuberculosis and so on.

Third, toxic kidney disease: such as renal failure caused by drugs, heavy metal poisoning.

Fourth, metabolic diseases: such as diabetic nephropathy, gouty kidney disease.

Fifth, renal tubular nephropathy: such as renal tubular acidosis and so on.

Sixth, renal vascular disease: such as renal arteriosclerosis, renal artery stenosis.

Seventh, obstructive nephropathy: such as urinary tract stones, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer and so on.

Eighth, congenital, hereditary nephropathy: such as polycystic kidney disease, hereditary glomerulonephritis and so on.

In the above etiology, the most common chronic glomerulonephritis, accounting for about 50-60%, followed by chronic pyelonephritis, renal arteriosclerosis, urinary tract stones and so on. If there are above causes uremia, make sure to go to the hospital in time. If you still have questions about the symptoms of uremia, you can leave a message below, we can discuss it together.

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