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Is uremia genetic? yes

2017-05-07 15:37

Uremia no matter for personal or family blow is so big, xiao zhang and xiao li to talk about marriage theory to marry the age, under the set of friends met each other, both sides can feel each other personality, decided to determine the relationship. Zhang's father had uremia, so zhang worried that marriage and children would be passed on to the next generation. Uremia, though not as frightening as HIV/AIDS, cancer, no medicine can cure, but the average family had uremia after treatment could spend all their savings, no doubt caused heavy burden and cost. So is uremia genetic?

Is it genetic? Yes

First: from the pathogenesis of uremia, the ability of uremia is not hereditary. But there are some cases of uremia that can be inherited, such as hereditary nephritis, adult polycystic kidney, congenital nephrotic syndrome, etc. Urea itself is not inherited, but some of the triggers of uremia are genetic, so it also looks like a genetic disease.

Second: uremia patients can marry and have children, suffering from uremia friend if you want to children, must be to go to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection again after confirm whether or not they want a child. For uremia, you will find that early treatment prevents the progression of the disease. In daily life, we should not be able to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Third: people with uremia should eat less animal fat in their diet and eat more milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and other foods containing animal protein. People with urea don't smoke, and smoke is bad for your kidneys. The patient should also ensure adequate sleep and rest, and do not participate in activities that cannot be done.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, often eat herbal remedies and relief are high-risk groups of uremia, pay attention to the protection of renal hypertension patients, also don't eat herbal remedies, in order to avoid suffering from uremia.

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