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What about uremic diet?

2017-09-07 15:09

Some friends in life suffering from uremia, do not know how to carry out in the daily care, especially do not know how to diet, the following we will introduce the uremic patients diet.

Uremic diet

Uremic diet how to do?

First: experts recommend eating more vegetables and fruits containing vitamins. Pass the disease if the light on the restrictions on the fruit is not great. But there are two kinds of fruit such as grapefruit, carambola, etc. or not recommended uremic patients to eat. Grapefruit for high potassium food, uremia can not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Second: eat low-phosphorus food. Uremic patients due to decreased glomerular filtration rate, phosphorus excretion decreased, in the high phosphorus disease symptoms, while uremic patients intestinal absorption of calcium caused by high phosphorus and low potassium state, such as long-term use of phosphorus High diet is bound to increase the proportion of calcium, phosphorus imbalance, the formation of greater damage to the kidney.

Third: low-salt diet. Ordinary daily intake of salt 2-3 grams (including sodium monosodium glutamate, soda crackers, noodles, fried dough sticks, floss, etc.). If there is a serious swelling, high blood pressure or heart failure and other conditions of uremic patients should be severely avoid salt, the daily below 1 gram. When the urine output increases, edema can be appropriate after the low-salt diet (2-3 grams / day).

I believe everyone on the uremic patients should pay attention to the place where the diet should have been understood, the patient should always follow the doctor's advice, do not because of greedy and affected the condition.


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