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Uremia generally can live long?

2017-05-07 15:32

Uremia is the most serious on the kidney of a disease, generally require patients to kidney, today to tell you about uremia knowledge.

How long can uremia live?

First: if it is chronic renal failure, can be conservative treatment, such as increased iron and folic acid intake beneficial to improve renal anemia, if necessary, can be used erythropoietin. Treatment of hypertension. Application of calcium ion antagonist, such as heartache and so on. Oral oxidative starch and other adsorbents, so that blood urea nitrogen decreased.

Second: uremia is a fatal disease, but it is not without medicine. For cases of non-induced factors, renal function is irreversible, may consider doing dialysis treatment. Dialysis therapy, including oral, peritoneal hemodialysis three, oral dialysis treatment is only applicable to light uremic patients. But the cost is relatively high.

Third: In recent years, due to the widespread use of dialysis therapy, so that patients with advanced uremia have more than 5 years to survive and maintain a certain amount of labor. Therefore, dialysis therapy is one of the effective methods for the treatment of advanced uremia. Also gradually recognized by the public.

Some patients with uremia on the emergence of the phenomenon of weary, and even give up treatment, this approach is absolutely impossible.

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