What is the treatment of uremic vomiting?

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What is the treatment of uremic vomiting?

2017-06-23 10:33

Uremic late patients will be nausea and vomiting and other phenomena, how to deal with it? The following Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital experts, for the late uremic symptoms of nausea and vomiting, introduced to us some of the treatment. Uremia vomiting treatment, see below for details.

Treatment of uremic vomiting

Symptoms of digestive tract symptoms of early symptoms of uremia, nausea and vomiting is the performance of gastrointestinal symptoms. In the late uremia, patients will be systemic complications, such as digestive system, there will be nausea, vomiting and other phenomena. How to deal with? Here are some processing methods.

Method 1, can increase the stomach, duodenal peristalsis, 5 ~ 10mg, 3 times a day, but before use must rule out obstructive causes.

Method 2, or chlorpromazine 12.5 ~ 25mg, 3 times a day, oral or intramuscular injection.

Method 3, available small half summer soup with the card addition and subtraction.

Method 4, patients with mild nausea, vomiting can be reduced by diet therapy, severe cases can be used tofu orally 5 ~ 10mg orally, 3 times a day or intramuscular injection.

Method 5, dialysis therapy for improving gastrointestinal symptoms have a certain effect.

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treatment of uremic vomiting

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