What are the notice for uremic high creatinine patients?

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What are the notice for uremic high creatinine patients?

2017-06-09 17:36

What is the principle of uremia? Uremia is a serious disease, uremia is incurable, all the treatment for patients with uremia is to control the deterioration of the disease, so the body's nutritional supplement, enhance the body's immune system is very important for the treatment of uremia, now i will introduce the diet attention for the uremia, hoping to be helpful for uremic patients.

1, timely replenishment of water and salt, uremia patients are prone to dehydration, and hyponatremia, especially long-term loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea patients are more so. However, attention should be paid to uremia patients with poor tolerance to water, sodium, so supplementing can not be excessive, so as not to cause hypernatremia or water intoxication.

2, pay attention to calcium, potassium, uremic patients' blood potassium is generally low, after the use of diuretics, is prone to hypokalemia, then, eat more fresh fruit and potassium chloride. Uremic patients often has low blood calcium, they can eat some high calcium foods, such as fish, shrimp, meat, bone soup, etc..

3, low protein diet, in azotemia and uremia patients, mainly in low protein diet, and the protein should mainly be animal protein containing essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, etc.. Daily protein intake is 20 g. This not only ensures the supply of the necessary amino acid, but also allows the body use non protein nitrogen in the case of low protein, to compound non essential amino acids, thereby reducing the quality of nitrogen.

4, the diet is rich in vitamins, food should be easy to digest, and contain enough vitamins, especially vitamin B, C, D. To avoid mechanical damage of rough food to the digestive tract, resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding. Patients with a good appetite, the calories should not be less than 35 kg per kilogram of body weight, but to uremia, only depending on the patient's appetite. If you have a lot of urine, edema is not obvious, do not limit the amount of drinking water.

Forbidden to eat seafood, such as sea cucumber, dace, Le fish, yellow croaker, Tigerfish, mandarin fish should not eat too much;

Reduce salt intake, for patients with uremia, eat 1 grams of salt a day is suitable, so when it is best not to put salt into the dish, because there is no salty of 1 grams of salt into the dish, sweet is advised for patients to eat in the morning, at noon to put salt to a small dish to dip to eat;

Reasonable consumption of fruits and vegetables, a lot of vegetables and fruits, will contain a lot of potassium, sodium, a lot of food for these substances will cause serious harm to patients, so the patients should be used with caution. When eating fruit, you should eat food with less sodium and potassium;

Reduce the consumption of protein, the patients should pay attention to protein intake, and the frog meat, ham, chicken, pigeon, quail, bird meat and other meat food containing high protein, should not eat more. The protein intake of patients also need to limit, because of its in vivo metabolism can produce some nitrogenous waste, and discharge through the kidney with the urine, for uremic patients will put these substances accumulate in the body, causing serious harm to patients;

The above is to introduce the dietary considerations of uremia, for uremia, do a good job on daily diet care, cooperate with the doctor's treatment plan, the condition can be controlled.


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