Fell headache after dialysis of uremia

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Fell headache after dialysis of uremia

2017-06-23 11:18

I am thirty-five years old this year, after earlier because love always feel thirsty to drink as much water and caused severe edema after going to the hospital to do a urine routine and a renal creatinine was found 500, since then I will join the ranks of dialysis. Dialysis has been two years after every time I feel refreshed after dialysis, dialysis after I quickly became the normal people, but this week after the first time through the end I found I have a terrible headache, second days after the more painful, uremic headache after how to do?

1 uremic patients as long as it is good to do dialysis water intake also pay more attention to the general would not have suffered symptoms of headache, but if the headache symptoms occur in patients after dialysis, cannot have too much pressure and don't make blind and disorderly conjectures probably because of the body, the need to pay attention to high potassium,

2 uremic patients can not drink plenty of water, this will make it more oppressive kidney out of the urine, so that it can be effective after micturition not appropriate for some outdoor sports, in order to discharge after inflammatory secretions of the body will have some help.

3 uremic patients should be light digestible diet, daily life can also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but it is best to eat some vegetables, vegetables contain relatively high vitamin food would also help to condition, patients should eat some every day.

For such patients should be relaxed mentality, should not give themselves too heavy ideological burden, to know the body's good or bad, and psychological factors have a great relationship. Recommend that patients usually maintain good sleep, rest time, give the body a good repair environment.


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