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Uremia patients how to treat insomnia

2017-06-23 10:35

Uremic patients with insomnia how to treat it? Sheng San San on the treatment of uremia help? Next look at the experts on the treatment of uremia related presentations, we want to help.

Uremia, as a serious chronic disease with renal failure and multiple system damage, is not only necessary to bear the pain which is difficult to understand, but also to pay expensive medical expenses. Under the influence of a variety of factors, the patient's physical and mental trauma, prone to insomnia. Western medicine treatment of renal insufficiency and mental factors, poor efficacy. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of uremia patients with insomnia, clinical curative effect is better.

Insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine called insomnia, its pathogenesis is mainly owing to poor health, anxiety, depression and diet caused by dysfunctional organs, blood deficiency, yin deficiency of liver and kidney, xuhuo perturbation of mind, mind the clinical symptoms caused by raising or uneasy. Its basic pathogenesis is Yang Sheng Yin, yin and yang imbalance, the gods were disturbed. Effect of deficiency of kidney in uremic patients, especially with anxiety over emotional factors, pathogenesis is very complex.

Shengmai Powder: ginseng, ophiopogon root, Schisandra chinensis, Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata, Radix Astragali, 37, motherwort, Suanzaoren, salvia, Rhizoma coptidis. Shengmai Powder in huanglianqingxin nerves; keel Jingan Town God; Suanzaoren, Salvia Chinensis ningxinanshen yangxueanshen. The drug combination has the effect of Supplementing Qi and nourishing Yin, promoting blood circulation, soothe the nerves of the. At the same time, modern pharmacological studies have shown that Salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng, Schisandra and other drugs have a good sedative hypnotic effect.


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