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What are the symptoms of early hypertensive nephropathy

2017-08-21 11:00

Hypertension patients are now more and more, hypertensive patients are particularly vulnerable to hypertensive nephropathy, the following let the kidney disease experts for us to summarize the symptoms of early hypertension nephropathy what?

hypertensive nephropathy symptoms

Early in hypertensive nephropathy, patients will have a bubble increase in the phenomenon, and its long gone. Indicating that the excretion of urine more protein. Urine discoloration. Urine is thick brown, washed meat samples, soy sauce or turbidity such as Taomi Shui. As well as excessive or too little urine. Normal urine output per day for the 1500 ml, 4-8 times a day. If there is no fever, a lot of sweating, a lot of drinking water, urine volume plummeted or suddenly increased, we must go to the hospital to check to see if it is kidney disease.

Second, how early detection of hypertensive nephropathy symptoms? In the early stages of hypertensive nephropathy, one of the typical manifestations of the increase in nocturia, one of the reasons is that long-term hypertension to renal artery damage, resulting in renal tubular urine Concentration dysfunction. Such patients often from the night two or three times, as many as five or six times. At this point the patient if the urine routine testing, often can find trace proteinuria.

How to early detection of hypertensive nephropathy symptoms? In addition to the above proteinuria and urine changes, hypertension patients with early kidney disease, but also accompanied by edema, back pain embolism, and normal people within 60 years of age, generally not There should be nocturia, if young people increase in nocturia, is likely to be an early manifestation of renal dysfunction. Edema, wake up in the morning after the eyelids or facial edema, afternoon more subside, tired after the increase, reduce after the break. Severe edema will appear inside the ankle medial, lower limbs, lumbosacral and so on. Low back pain. No clear cause of back pain, should check the kidneys. Spine and back muscles.

The above is a summary of the symptoms of early hypertension nephropathy, for reference only. If there are questions about the symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy, you can leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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