Chinese medicine treatment of hypertensive nephropathy?

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Chinese medicine treatment of hypertensive nephropathy?

2017-09-17 18:10

How to do with hypertensive nephropathy treatment? Traditional Chinese medicine can be cured? Experts said, mainly due to renal hypertensive nephropathy caused by malignancy. At present, many of the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy is also scrambling to appear. Everywhere is the so-called "folk prescription" and "ancient", But there is no correct way.

Chinese medicine treatment of hypertensive nephropathy?

In hypertensive nephropathy treatment , traditional treatment with oral medicine and injection, there are a lot of drugs in thehypertensive nephropathy treatment, such as vasodilation, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant drugs and other experts pointed out that, tired, it is necessary to consider the antihypertensive treatment in hypertensive renal disease should be protecting kidney and kidney, the traditional western medicine at the same time a large number of antihypertensive treatment followed, especially the long-term use of Western Medicine on renal cell damage greatly, decreased immunity, again risk is much higher. Simple western medicine treatment can not take into account the pressure and kidney protection. It is difficult to achieve radical cure.Chinese medicine treatment of hypertension nephropathy is very good.


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